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Apna Group Inc. was founded in 1987 by Paramjit Sanghera, Charanjit Sanghera, Kirpal Sanghera and Prem Sanghera. Apna in Punjabi means everyone, symbolizing togetherness and this symbol continues to be our motivation. Communities, partners, investors, builders and consultants are all individuals we work with as a strong team together. Over the 30+ years, our solid foundation as a family team has allowed us to grow into a 9 person family team. We have expanded our services over the years with our divisions consisting of Apna Properties, Apna Construction, Apna Real Estate Group, and our newest addition, Apna Doors.

Goes back to 1986

The history of Apna Properties goes back to 1986. When the Sanghera brothers immigrated to Canada with $20, they worked in drywall under another individual’s employment. With their ambitious and hardworking attitude, they decided to open their own drywall company known as Apna Drywall. From there, they had a vision to make more for themselves and their families. They invested in their first property together and built one house where all four brothers and their families lived together. Their passion for real estate, investment and development propelled further. The Sanghera family went on to build over 100 homes, and bought and sold many properties. Now, they are at a stage where they work with many investors to help them earn returns and build communities where people can settle and grow their own families like how the Sanghera family was able to do.

Apna Group is an experienced team with extensive knowledge in a variety of fields. We have worked with over 100 clients and serve clients all over BC, Alberta, Manitoba, and the US. Within BC, we serve listings in the Fraser Valley and the Lower Mainland.

Our goal at Apna Group is to bring the best results for our clients. We aim for prime real estate by proactively identifying development opportunities that can be acquired through various methods such as private sales, land assembly and strategic rezoning. We have a wide network of professionals in multiple sectors of property development, construction and real estate. Our strong network with these professionals are one of our assets that help us serve our clients. Our partners and professionals with extensive experience, skill and resources significantly help in achieving our clients’ and ultimately our business’ goals.


Our real estate development division focuses on both residential and commercial real estate. Apna Properties has built numerous high-rise and low-rise residential developments along with valuable commercial investment properties. With the combination of various divisions, we excel in understanding the real estate market to ensure all projects are strategized and managed from start to finish. We manage the development process with consultants to get sites ready for the building process, and provide great returns for our investors. Just like our strong belief in family relationships and growth, the Sanghera family’s focus is to create projects that add value to the communities we serve. As a family business, we always have someone looking after each and every aspect of our projects. Clients can confidently rely on us to get the job done no matter what.

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Our construction team has broad experience in a wide spectrum of activities to turn your building plans into finalized projects. We are fully equipped to meet your exact building requirements and our services are always ready to meet your construction needs. We work with expert consultants from our broad network of professionals to establish precise building plans with less risk and more return. Our building projects vary from houses, townhouses and apartments, and we have served a diverse group of clients. No matter what size or how many projects we have, our family works together to make sure each and every client’s needs are fulfilled every step of the way.

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Real Estate Group

Specializing mainly in Canadian provinces, Apna REG has considerable experience in sales and leasing within these regions. We have built our foundation over the years with strong client relationships and reliable service. We provide only the best administrative and marketing support so that our realtors can sell real estate. We understand the importance of marketing effectively so we prioritize establishing a strong presence within the respective communities. Community has been a significant factor for the Sanghera family in building a strong foundation, so efforts are consistently made to promise further growth of such valuable communities. Our goal is to generate as many quality leads to secure sales for you. Our projects range from residential to commercial real estate.

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Apna Doors

Apna Doors is the newest venture of Apna Group. We provide high-quality products and service to builders, developers and homeowners throughout the Lower Mainland. Our inventory always includes the latest styles and trends of doors, mouldings and hardware to provide you the best for the value. We provide the highest degree of professionalism and assist your needs throughout the entire process. From consultations to the planning and manufacturing process, delivery and even consistent follow ups, Apna Doors is committed to delivering quality, integrity and responsibility. To learn more about Apna Doors, visit our website apnadoors.com.

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Apna Drywall

Like any other aspect in building real estate, drywall cannot be overlooked which is why at Apna Group, we have an experienced team of drywall contractors to turn your real estate goals into beautiful properties. Apna Drywall specializes in both Residential and Commercial properties including restorations and renovations. Our services consist of drywall boarding, taping and steel stud framing. Over the years, we have gained significant experience in understanding which techniques and styles best enhance the look of homes and businesses. Whatever design or style you are looking for, Apna Drywall can provide you with suitable recommendations from our experts.

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We take pride in our team’s expertise and our dynamic range of services to ensure every client’s goals are met.

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